Britain faces an early BIG FREEZE

September is here and were quickly heading into the winter again, BRITAIN was warned yesterday of another big freeze this winter – with snow expected to sweep in as early as next month. Temperatures are forecast to drop to below average for the time of year over the next few weeks.

Long-range forecaster James Madden said: “As we head towards winter, I expect to see the first signs of some moderate to heavy snowfalls as early as October or November in certain parts of the UK.

Britain was  thrown into chaos as freezing conditions and heavy snowfalls paralysed transport networks and brought airports grinding to a halt in 2010. Parts of the UK saw up to 30 inches of snow. Temperatures plunged to -19C (-2.2F) in some areas. As the cold snap set in during the run-up to Christmas, it is thought to have cost the economy up to ­£1.2billion a day, with a total loss of £13billion.

Yesterday, the US firm that predicted  the previous big freeze of 2009-2010 also warned that we might be in for another cold spell, coming sooner rather than later, so now is the time to get in touch and put in place your winter programme.