More gritting to come with Climate change

This winter has again demonstrated that global warming is affecting us all. Rather than the common misconception that the average temperature of the planet is increasing year by year, we are experiencing flashes of poor weather with snow and severe freezing temperatures through out the UK, such as in November and December of 2010.

Extreme winter weather has significant negative economic impacts including reduced work productivity, snow and ice removal, restoring downed power lines, weather-related accidents and flooding. According to C.R.E.D. data, during the period between 2000 to 2009, there were 385 disasters, an increase of 233 percent since period between 1980 to 1989, and an increase of 67 percent since the period between 1990 to 1999.  Many of these disasters were  climate related events, such as droughts, storms and floods making up the majority of disasters overall. Climate related extreme weather events have increased ten fold since data was first collected in 1950.

All Businesses now have to build in weather related contingency plans to fight against the extremes of snow, ice and frost. will help with these plans and provide ‘peace of mind’ for your business during the winter months, so now is the time to get in touch, because it will effect us all.