Stop Unnecessary Gritting. have launched a new campaign this Summer of 2012, to inform all commercial premises nationwide about being unnecessarily gritted.

Unnecessary gritting take’s place up and down the country with out the customer even noticing. Have you ever asked yourself  why you arrived at work amazed to see lots of grit covering your site, even when it didn’t feel cold and you wondered why this happened? 

‘Why am I wasting money on something that is not necessary ?.’

Well the answer is that you’re being  gritted at a Trigger Temperature .

Your contractor is using a system that decides whether to grit or not  if it falls below 0 or -1 centigrade, not whether it’s frosty. uses the Smarter System which enables us to reduce our customers visits by 60% over two winters. This system never misses the poor weather and protects your H&S obligation.

A Zero  degree Centigrade temperature does not mean a Frost.  Ask us why.

Interested ? then get in touch today and we can explain how it works.