Tabloid Weather Translator – A Users Guide

Your easy to use guide to winter weather hype
By Simon Keeling

A users guide to Tabloid Winter Weather stories and how to translate them.

Beast from the East
The wind will be blowing from an easterly direction.

100-days of Snow Hell
Snow may fall this winter.

Snow Chaos to Hit Within Weeks
It is September and soon the weather will become colder.

Weather Bomb!
An area of low pressure will become deeper as it passes overhead.

Big Freeze
Temperatures may fall below 0C and there could be frost.

Snow may cover the ground.

Weather experts say…
We have selected words from several weather websites and put them together to sound more dramatic.

Joe Blogs from Forecasting Company said…
This was written on a website, but we haven’t bothered to check it is still accurate.

Expert Forecaster xxxxx said …
This person has read the Ladybird Book of Weather and will say anything they think we want to hear. They hope to become an expert in brain surgery soon as they received a new pop-up Book of the Brain for Christmas.

Snow/Rain/Wind/Ice Wreaks Havoc
It may be snowy, wet, windy or icy.

Jet Stream Blasts…
The weather will be unsettled and windy.

Terrifying Storms to Lash Britain
It may be windy and there could be gales on coasts. You may not be able to hold a newspaper in the open.

Swathes of the country…
Particularly on exposed coasts, hills, headlands and mostly unpopulated areas.

Storm of the Century
The deepest area of low pressure we have seen for almost a week.

Weather Chaos
It may take longer than usual to get home.

Eye of the storm …
The centre of the area of low pressure.

Princess Diana
This headline will sell more newspapers.

This headline will definitely sell more newspapers.

Michael Fish
Short term forecast accuracy is greater than 90%.

We hope you find this guide useful when translating weather stories you will read in (some) newspapers this winter.