The chilliest December in 100 years.

It was the chilliest December in 100 years and one of the coldest months ever recorded in the UK, the Met Office said.While 2010 had been one of the warmest years on record globally, provisional figures show that it was the 12th coldest UK year since records began in 1910

Temperatures regularly plunged to between -10C and -20C overnight as the country was hit by exceptionally cold and snowy weather, while temperatures struggled to get above freezing in many places during the day.

All customers continued to be gritted and snow cleared as required without disruption. Thanks to pinpoint weather predictions and forecasting, the Midlands based gritting contractor was able to protect existing customers and their staff, students or patients from the winter conditions. They were able to take on new customers without affecting the large amount of rock salt that they have currently in stock. They are continuing to take on new clients as competitors run out of salt.