Would you pay for something you won’t receive?

Many gritting contractors will advise that by paying a fixed cost up front for the Winter season and will cover you from October til April. For example they calculate that they will visit your site 30 times @ £85 per run in a season and therefore will cost £2550.

So what happens when it is a bad winter and you will need more than 30 visits?

Nothing happens.

The contractor will race up to 20 visits, then fall away towards 30 then you wont receive any visits and your property will be unprotected. Why would the contractor come out and make a loss when they have calculated to visit you 30 times that season?

How do we know this? We have taken on many new customers who had set up their winter maintenance this way and they have informed us of the problems it occasioned to their safety, and their budgets.

So what happens if we have a mild winter, like this season?

Simple – You have completely overpaid for something you won’t receive, wasting your budget.

Would it not be simpler to pay as you go with a long established company who takes the time to analyse the weather before making a decision to grit or not?


We don’t sign customers into Contracts so you can try us and leave if you are not happy at any time. We only grit as and when it’s required . We can save your budget by actually applying brainpower and science and give you the reassurance of a long established, professional gritting and snow clearing service.

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