Gritting covers industrial estates, business parks, hospitals, colleges, universities, distribution centres, schools and much more. Our success has been built upon giving the customer control over their service. Our customer base continues to increase because we offer our customers complete flexibility.

We only charge per run, and not for being on standby or sending you the Met Office reports to update you on the weather conditions. Plus we will take other meteorological factors into consideration from a variety of proven sources to give you an overall probable forecast. Our personnel grit your premises overnight so that your site is defrosted for the morning. We advise and you decide when you want to be gritted, so you are in complete control. Our prices are very reasonable so please follow the simple steps below and get in touch.

Snow Clearing also provides a separate snow clearing service. This has been used to full effect in 2010 with weather conditions extreme compared with the last 5 years.

Ploughing the roadways prevents the build up of compacted, dense and deep snow. This can then be followed with a treatment of grit that will work on the cleared area. staff have strong operational training and experience with heavy and light duty snow clearing equipment allowing for a fast and effective service. Manual snow removal can also be included in the package which covers the more intricate parts of your site such as footpaths. A heavy investment has been made over the last five years due to a high interest in this separate service.

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Professional Forecasting

We work closely with the MET Office, which prepares local weather reports for us on a daily basis. This means that we have access to the most accurate weather predictions, at any given minute, 365 days a year. As soon as we have a certified Ice or Hoar Frost warning, our gritting teams are dispatched to de-ice roads, footpaths and car parks before they open for business the following day.

Reports are cross-checked with meteorological institutions before we act on them. For example we will not grit simply on temperatures alone. We consider other important factors such as moisture, wind and cloud cover. This results in never gritting unnecessarily and saves our customers money.

The reports work to a Red, Amber and Green Alert system. Red stresses a high risk of extreme weather and conditions. Amber states how a moderate risk of extreme weather may be experienced with green highlighting calmer circumstances.


Here at we believe that one of the most important elements to our individual service is that we have set standards that our operatives are trained to and follow.

The gritting work we carry out on your site is an important element of our service and therefore we have built in criteria in order to maintain this. This is reflected in our company 3 point policy, quoted on the right, these points allow for high standards to be met throughout the winter gritting season. All operatives are closely followed and elevated by the management with reviews taking place to reassess standards upon a regular basis.


As part of our policy we set measurable and implemented standards throughout our fleet.


All operatives are highly trained in order to maintain these standards.


We monitor, supervise and evaluate our standards to ensure they are carried out on all sites.

Tailored Service centre’s its’ service on providing the best customer care and experience. The service is tailored to meet all the needs of the customer to the best possible effect. Providing quality in gritting for the UK.

Account set up to your specification.

An Area manager will look after your account from start to finish building up a detailed picture of what you want out of the service. This information can then be accessed by other team members if needed.

Pay as you go service and no payment upfront.

The MET report are specific to your region and area.

You are in control – We advise and you decide when attend your site and carry out your gritting. Alternatively we will only attend when we think it is essential.